A Child’s Heart and a Child’s Dreams

Growing up with spiritual wisdom

A guide for parents and children

by Sri Chinmoy

This inspiring parent guide offers practical advice on a subject that concerns many conscious parents: fostering their child’s spiritual life, watching him or her grow up with a love of God and a heart of self-giving, bringing up a balanced and kind person.

“On today’s child depends tomorrow’s future. We talk about perfection, but this perfection that we speak of will come only from children – from a child’s heart and a child’s dreams.”
                                                                         ~ Sri Chinmoy

Topics include:

  • The spiritual significance of a child
  • Degrees of freedom and discipline
  • Setting a spiritual example
  • A parent’s guide to meditation
  • Relationship between education and spirituality
  • Answers to children’s questions about God
  • Inspiring stories for children

Publisher: Blue Beyond Books

ISBN: 978-0-9957531-4-3

Price: £10.95

184 pages; softback

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Selling Points:

  • A spiritual guide for both parents and children by an internationally renowned spiritual teacher.
  • Includes a parent’s guide to meditation.
  • Includes current issues such as the relationship between education and spirituality, degrees of freedom and discipline and much more.

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