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Meditation experiences I.

Question: While meditating I sometimes feel that my body is moving rhythmically, but when I open my eyes I see that I am not moving at all. Sri Chinmoy: This is a very good experience. The movement that you feel is in the inner world, in your subtle body. When you...

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Video blog: Meditation 1

Reading from new book Meditation - God speaks and I listen by Sri Chinmoy. The book is going to be published on 1 March 2019.

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How to enjoy the company of angels

This is the first in a two-part blog about angels, to celebrate the coming holiday season. The Christmas story features an angel, and angels and other alternate-dimension beings are prevalent in other cultures and religions also. Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual Master,...

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Setting a spiritual example to your child

Children feel that whatever their parents do is always best, so they often become exactly like their parents. If the parents like something, immediately the children like it. If the parents have some good friends, spiritual friends, the children immediately become...

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Learn meditation like a child learns to walk

by Pradhan Balter Allow me to begin from an unusual perspective: what meditation is not! And, in doing so it will hopefully clear the way for you to quickly experience the deeper sense of well-being that comes with proper meditation. There are two “nots” to start off...

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Your child’s spiritual growth

You can start a child's spiritual journey at a very tender age — at six months even. Perhaps the child cannot utter a word, but, for example, if you are a Christian you can show him a picture of the Christ. God expresses Himself through beauty, so you can also show...

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Overcoming fatigue

Overcoming fatigue Question: If we do not drink coffee or tea, what can we do if we start feeling drowsy while driving late at night? Sri Chinmoy: You say that sometimes you feel drowsy while driving. Now, why should coffee or tea have to come to your rescue? There...

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Conscious cooking

Conscious cooking Question: Is there a special consciousness in which to cook for adults, children or other age groups? Sri Chinmoy: While you are cooking for children, if you can maintain an innocent feeling along with your purity, then it will be of great help to...

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Guided meditation for sleep

Guided meditation for sleep - Technique 199: Rest and sleep There is a yogic method of getting rest. In one second you can take the rest of fifteen minutes, half an hour or even more. How can you get that kind of rest? When you go to sleep at night, feel that your...

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