Heart Wisdom Drops

Heart-Wisdom-Drops: Inspiring Aphorisms for Every Day

by Sri Chinmoy

Set of 55 cards featuring inspirational aphorisms and meditative paintings that bring inspiration to you and yours...

Order now from Blue Beyond Books   Buy on AmazonAn excellent gift, this collection of 55 inspirational cards features aphorisms and meditative paintings by Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual teacher who through poetry, music and art expresses the innate goodness of the human heart.For those seeking hope, peace of mind and life-wisdom these cards offer inspiration, and are a guide to a happy, harmonious and spiritually-grounded daily life.

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Title: Heart-Wisdom-Drops
Subtitle: Inspiring Aphorisms for Every Day
Words and art: Sri Chinmoy
Publisher: The Golden Shore
Agent for the UK & Ireland: Blue Beyond Books Ltd.
Pages: 55
Binding: loose cards in a cardboard box
Size of one card: 90 x 55 mm
Size of the box: 95 x 57 x 30 mm
Weight: 106 g

Year of release: 2016
1. edition
Series I.
Genre: poetry, inspiration
ISBN: 978-3-89532-285-3
Retail price: £4.99


Selling Points:

  • A unique format of 55 fully coloured cards nestled in a foil-wrapped cardboard box, with a convenient Perspex display available for easy counter-top sales.
  • A great gift that brightens any occasion with its inspiration-light.
  • It has been a top-selling item across Europe and Russia. Four additional series of Heart-Wisdom-Drops have been published with similar success. In the Czech Republic, with a market of 10 million, more than 55,000 boxes have been sold.

Target Audience: This product has the potential to be popular across all genders and ages, but has been especially popular among women, spiritual seekers and those looking for a nice gift for their loved ones.

Promo tip:
     The aphorism gift-cards sell very well in many countries. The most effective promo tool has been a small plastic holder with loose cards placed on a counter where customers can take one card for free. This leads to growing interest in buying the whole set.

(3D)-card holder small

Many stores use the opportunity to borrow a free Perspex display holder for a convenient on-the-counter sale.

stand for aphorism boxes

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