God Is…

Sri Chinmoy

Aum Publications


ISBN 0-88497-059-0 / 230 pp. / Aum Publications


God Is…

Selected writings on God

These insights about God are taken from the more than 1,500 books Sri Chinmoy has written in over 41 years of teaching spirituality and meditation. His intimate knowledge of the Divine transcends religious dogma and scripture, shedding light for all seekers on their paths to God. The simplicity of the language belies an astonishing depth of knowledge that goes beyond the intellect and directly communicates the wisdom of the soul.

Let the book inspire and guide you in your search for spiritual understanding with such topics as:

  • The cause of our separation from God
  • Personal effort and God’s Grace
  • Should you ever fear God?
  • Seeing God in all
  • God the Mother, God the Father, God the Friend
  • God's Love, Compassion and Forgiveness
  • What is God-realisation?
  • The relationship between fate and free will
  • Human love and divine love Increasing our need for God
  • Religion and spirituality
  • and much more...