On Wings of Silver Dreams

Sri Chinmoy

Aum Publications



On Wings of Silver Dreams

Questions and answers on the spiritual meanings of dreams

How can we decipher dreams that come to us? In his book On Wings of Silver Dreams, Sri Chinmoy guides us through the confusing labyrinth of dreams. He teaches us to understand the significance of some common dreams and to gain certain control over the kinds of dreams we have.

With other prophetic messages, dreams can offer us deep inner wisdom. They may foretell the future, reveal the solution to a problem or give us a spiritual experience. We are healed by dreaming of a beloved friend or family member.

There is also the darker side of dreams. Frightening nightmares destroy our sleep and even disturb our waking hours.Demons pursue us; we find ourselves in menacing worlds, unable to move, unable to see, unable to cry for help. We awaken in terror and wonder what brought such dreams into our sleep.

With the knowledge obtained from reading On Wings of Silver Dreams, we can better assimilate the gifts of inspiration and hope from our visionary dreams, and with our purity and will-power, we can laugh at the goblins-of-the-dark that try to capture us in our nightmares.

At last, we can all sleep in peace.

Selected questions answered in On Wings of Silver Dreams:

  • Where do dreams come from?
  • Can we learn from our dreams?
  • Is it possible to transform a bad dream into a good dream?
  • When I am asleep, who is it that sees my dreams?
  • How can we remember our dreams when we awaken?
  • How can we have spiritual dreams?
  • Can we derive any benefit from writing down our dreams each morning?
  • What is the best way to learn the meaning of our dreams?
  • What is the significance of flying in a dream?
  • What does it mean when you see colours in a dream?
  • and many, many more...