The Wings of Joy

Sri Chinmoy

Simon & Schuster



The Wings of Joy

Finding your path to inner peace

Internationally renowned spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy combines ancient wisdom with modern insights into what it means to be a seeker in the new millennium. Believing that we are all innately divine beings, he encourages us to find harmony, joy and light deep within our hearts and to deal with life’s challenging experiences by transforming them.

  • Parables, anecdotes, stories, and poems that offer fresh insights into yourself and your relationship to the world
  • Simple aphorisms that can be used as personal affirmations
  • Evocative images that provide inspiring focal points for the practice of conscious living
    Join Sri Chinmoy as he soars to the heights of human possibility. Along the way, you too will find your path to inner harmony. Receive a free Flute Music for Meditation CD with purchase of this book.

The Wings of Joy reminds all of us what is truly important. It is a blueprint for inner harmony and true joy.”
—Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

FREE! Flute Music for Meditation CD with purchase of this book!

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ISBN 0-684-82242-3 / 208 pp. / Simon & Schuster