Question: Is it true that each person has a guardian angel?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes. It is absolutely true. In the West, you call this protecting being a guardian angel, while in India, we call it the family deity or the deity of the individual soul. Again, the protecting guardian can be one deity or many deities. Normally, however, one person is connected with only one deity, apart from God. God is all-Protection for everyone, far above and far beyond any guardian angel. But each individual soul will usually have a guardian angel. And there are some souls of whom God, so to speak, is very fond; they have more than one guardian angel. These guardian angels try their best to protect the individual soul.

If you see an angel, you really feel something. Everything changes for a few minutes or a few days. Your consciousness changes; you are flowing. It is so beautiful.

Angels always like brightness in nature. Fairies, on the other hand, like naturalness. Anything that is natural fairies like. Angels are usually from higher planes, while fairies have freer access to Mother Earth. If you think of a tree, angels are like the higher branches, whereas fairies are like the branches that are only a little above the ground. They are branches of the same life-tree, but the fairies are like lower branches and angels are like the high, higher, highest branches.

Angels can come to earth if they want to visit people or see some people who are very dear to them. Angels can take the form of a relative and come to someone who may be going to die in a few hours. At such times, angels can act as the direct representative of the divine force to take somebody into the other world. When somebody is about to die, we often hear them say that an angel has come. But fairies do not or cannot do that kind of thing. Fairies deal mostly with children, whereas angels deal with all human beings irrespective of age.

Question: Are angels large?

Sri Chinmoy: They are not larger than human beings. Some are tall, some are short. But in the subtle world, angels can be six feet or ten feet tall. Usually, baby angels are three feet tall. Baby angels are very cute. They grow usually. By nature, angels are not fat. Angels are always beautiful. The Archangels, in terms of spirituality, are more important because some of them enter into the field of creation and manifestation.

Question: Are all angels masculine?

Sri Chinmoy: Angels can be masculine or feminine. Female angels are more dynamic than male angels. The female is always more dynamic.

Question: Do angels all have wings, and do they all look the same? Or is one more beautiful and another one not so beautiful?

Sri Chinmoy: All angels cannot have the same beauty, but all of them do have wings. Angels are always dynamic. They are constantly moving, whereas fairies can be very lethargic. Fairies are no match for angels in this respect.

Question: Are the wings of angels decorative or do they actually use them to fly?

Sri Chinmoy: When they want to fly, they spread their wings. When they do not want to fly, they can keep them folded. Angel wings are delicate, but strong at the same time. They are much, much more beautiful than the fairies’ wings. Fairy wings are choppy. It is as if somebody is painting in a very choppy way. Fairies do not believe in delicacy. It is like the difference between a duck and a swan.

Question: In order to exist, do angels eat food?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely! But we will not be able to appreciate their food. Their food is not material. They get their food from the ether. In between this physical earth and the higher realms, there is a substance called ether. It is not like ordinary air. That ether contains all kinds of energy. It can be taken as solid food or liquid food. It is part of the cosmic life-energy.angels and fairies

Excerpt from Angels and Fairies by Sri Chinmoy / Blue Beyond Books / £11.99 

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